Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins to Use in 2020

WordPress is used by multiple bloggers around the globe, if you want to make your blog stand out amidst millions of existing ones, opting for suitable plugins will be a wise idea.

Here’s a list of some of the best WordPress e-commerce plugins that will easily get integrated with your existing WordPress site and the good news is you can get for free!

If you are interested in putting items for sale on your site or blog, you’ll be requiring additional functionality and these will help you gain that. The plugin you opt for will have to suit your own needs.

For example, some of these will be more beneficial to organizations or individuals dealing with the sale of only digital downloads. While others are better suited for beginners with an easy setup procedure and aid in the management of a simple blog. After going through the list, choose the one you prefer.

Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

This plugin offers a simple, intuitive solution for users on the look-out for something that’ll help them in the management and sales of different digital products on WordPress.

Options like WooCommerce do provide these services, but the EDD features are more concentrated on digital sales and has a cleaner interface in comparison.

Users concerned with selling products like PDF files, eBooks, or audio clips can try out EDD which includes a free core plugin. After getting it installed on your website you attain access to a digital sales platform that includes features like discount codes, file access control, and activity tracking.

Users have the facility of making galleries and selecting from the available EDD themes. When a purchase takes place on your website, the system automatically sends the buyer an email along with the download link. As this plugin comes with the option of a complete shopping cart, the payments get processed on your website and the number of clicks required gets minimized.  If you want to avail more features opt for the yearly subscription.

Starting with $199 per year the subscription charges can rise up to $899 per year for the all-access pass. Customer support, site licenses, and updates are part of all the packages.

Users also get certain extensions and integrations for aspects like email marketing and payment gateways. If customer support isn’t that important for you, and you’re more eager to buy extensions separately, you’ll find many options in the Extensions Library with varying price ranges.

Apart from many free add-ons you’ll get paid ones like the recurring payments one priced at $199 and the MailChimp add-on at $49.

Why opt for it:

  • Best suited for selling digital downloads, as it has more advanced solutions for items such as eBooks and music.
  • You get multiple add-ons in The Extension Library for the betterment of your digital store.
  • Various options for payment gateway to choose from.
  • If you’re running a small business presently you can think about improving your sales process by going for the primary plugin that is completely free.
  • This is a good choice even for advanced developers as they get benefitted from the REST API and acquire access to fully controlled customizations.
  • Its significant features include those like shopping cart, discount codes, customer management, and data reporting along with tools for refund tracking, affiliate systems, mailing lists, and more.


Looking for options that’ll help you turn your WordPress blog into a fully functional ECommerce store? WooCommerce will take care of all your worries. What started off as a fork of JigoShop, back in 2011, is now firmly establishing its foothold amongst the major players.

The fact that Automattic is the organization that operates WordPress has also significantly contributed to its popularity. WooCommerce is pretty unique in its way of functioning and hence is the most feasible option when one is looking towards building and expanding an online store.

Here you have the liberty to have a store for your blog, be it with five products or five hundred. And the fact that the plugin is free makes it viable for unlimited products and visitors as long as your hosting and infrastructure are not failing.

There are added features and amenities integrated with WooCommerce, other than hosting, that can be availed by the companies. As an example, one can consider the various premium WordPress themes, that are made to work perfectly with WooCommerce–with a shopping cart and beautiful product galleries.

You also have the option to include an extension, or two, to improve how your store works. WooCommerce comes with its own extension store, and you can find several third-party developers who are willing to create extensions for WooCommerce.

As for expenditures, that depends on what you wish to avail. Consider, for instance, the WooCommerce Bookings extension that is available at $249, but the extension costs only $79.

Why opt for it:

  • It provides an extremely economical way to start an online store. By not creating financial pressure it helps the business to develop in the early stages. Even the themes and other features can be availed at relatively cheap rates.
  • WooCommerce is quite stable because of its affiliation with Automattic. Given its popularity and the wide base of users, it is safe to assume that there will not be any major shutdowns in the near future and the graph is only going to keep rising.
  • The developers have made an effort to solve the problems that plague store owners, by creating extensions that allow them to add more advanced features without having to do any custom coding.
  • You can sell almost everything starting from digital goods to appointments.
  • Built-in payments are provided for some of the top gateways and that apart extensions are supplied with major payment gateways.
  • It is equally preferable for both beginners and advanced users. This is because the interface has been kept simple for the newcomers, while the professionals can make any customization they desire, thanks to the REST API, documentation and open development.

WP eCommerce

Here’s another great plugin option for your WordPress site, the core plugin can be downloaded for free and for availing additional paid features you’ve got the add-on store.

The premium plan of the plugin offers a Gold Cart extension, available for $99 that has several features including live search, premium payment gateways, and a grid view for product display. Your choice in favor of WP eCommerce should be guided by the functionality your online store is in need of.

It is packed with advanced shipping facilities for users but the product review add-on includes charges. WP eCommerce has a good customer support team.

This one comes with a helpful knowledgebase with articles about getting started, setting up your payment gateway, and handling extensions like the Gold Cart. Users can get access to the premium plan for a month for $49, and the yearly charges amounts to $499.

Why opt for it:

  • Great customer support though it requires payment.
  • Your online store can be expanded with the help of the available add-ons. You can pay only for the add-ons you need to avoid cramming your dashboard with features you won’t use generally.
  • Extensions provide additional flexibility to users.
  • Its developing team has made improvements on some earlier issues the plugin had related to coding, glitches and support.

Cart66 Cloud

A major contributing factor to WordPress’s popularity is the fact that it caters to a wide demographic. The user spectrum starts at the non-developer, non-techie end goes on to the full-stack web developer and content manager on the other. Cart66 is geared more towards the former type, although it still packs a punch more the power-users.

The focus on simplicity and ease of use has led to it packaging the core features of the plugin as built-in functionality. This makes it more of an all-round smart solution to e-commerce to the end-user, who has no need to waste time leveraging a plethora of third-party add-ons for a smooth workflow.

With its simple configuration process, pre-built functionalities and a will to cater to the common crowd, Cart66, has developed an edge in terms of user feedback, which is primarily positive. Some even consider Cart66 the more suitable option for the non-techie user who just wants to get things done.

Although it is not a huge boost to Cart66’s attractiveness, it does have its own marketplace. Most people would probably skim over a feature like that but in the world of e-commerce even capturing a small niche market counts. It also gives vendors another platform to get some additional exposure.

It pre-packages the most commonly used tools and hands them over to the regular person to get up and running with a functioning e-commerce platform. Although a free version of Cart66 is available, the better features that really make it stand out are in the premium version.

The premium version comes with a fourteen-day free trial followed by a subscription fee of $49 for a month. Cart66 is well known for having great customer service and their focus on helping those with limited technical know-how implement great e-commerce solutions means you will have the required help when you need it without the fear of diving into a complex system.

Why opt for it:

  • Zero coding knowledge required to get everything up and running. Save money by not hiring a developer, or worse a dev-team to just set things up.
  • No complicated add-on juggling. Everything you need comes built-in.
  • A top-class customer support infrastructure.
  • Versatile and efficient. Simplicity caters to beginners without sacrificing the ability to extend functionality.
  • Better email marketing tools than its competitors. All the basics like tools for segmenting lists, loyalty program management through follow-up emails, drip campaigns, etc are available right from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Supports both digital and physical products. Selling the e-book, the hardback and the audiobook on the same platform is a breeze.
  • Payment gateways are built-in and there are over a hundred to choose from. No add-ons required.
  • Subscription plans, restricted access to content, recurring payments come as built-in features.
  • There is always a free version available for those looking to test the waters before diving into a premium subscription.

Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping

You’re not limited to a single content management system with this option. Whether your site is on WordPress, Drupal, Tumblr or Facebook, you may consider using Ecwid to get your online shop running.

Ecwid may prove to be less expensive in comparison to many other WordPress e-commerce plugins, due to its reasonable monthly payment plan. Moreover, the core plugin comes free of cost and users get multiple built-in features that are quite sufficient for setting up a general online store.

Users get access to a shopping cart, support for up to 10 products, and the ability to sell products on more than one site. The 10 product limit can seem inadequate, in that case, you may avail of support for 100 products with monthly charges of $15, for 2,500 products with monthly charges of $35, or unlimited products paying an amount of $99 every month.

It may come off as a more expensive option at a glance, as even several primary payment gateways have to be paid for. But, if your online store has less than 100 products, you only need to pay $15 per month and get some features like discount coupons, abandoned cart saver, automated tax calculations, Google shopping support and more. This plugin offers a clean interface and a smooth setup process.

Why opt for it:

  • You have the choice of testing out the free plan to find out if it’s worth investing in. The available free plan coves up to 10 products. Beyond that, you have to pay reasonable monthly charges.
  • Ecwid provides integration with most website builders and content management systems starting from WordPress to Adobe Muse.
  • Some plans include both phone and chat support, along with free customizations and priority support in others.
  • While most WordPress plugins require manual up-gradation, here upgrades are automatic.
  • It’s PCI-DCC Certified and safe for making transactions between your gateway and bank.
  • After installing Ecwid on one site, all the stored data can be transferred to another website and synced so that sales can be conducted on multiple fronts.

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