Best Social Proof ( Fomo ) Apps For Shopify to Use in 2021

You spend a lot on marketing, why not get the best out of it ?

Amidst the crowd of so many companies in the e-commerce industry, providing quality products or the best deals is no longer sufficient to ensure sales.

Investment in ads and succeeding to drive a decent amount of traffic to your Shopify store completes only half the process. All of that ad spend will go to waste if you can’t attain any conversions at the end.

An excellent way to understand your clients is to delve into the depths of consumer psychology. Social proof is based on a powerful psychological bias which makes us take our cues from the actions of people surrounding us. It functions well because it aims at a commonly found fear among masses: our need to fit in and become part of a group.

The Shopify app store contains a great number of apps that are specifically designed to increase conversion rates through the key of persuasion.

Here’s a list of the best Social Proof Apps on the Shopify App Store that will help you engage and persuade prospective customers who were interested enough to visit your store.

Featured Social Proof App :


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Other Social Proof Apps to Consider for Shopify

Sales Pop up ‑ Social Proof

This app helps you establish your website as an active online shopping center. When new visitors land at your store it displays the
items that other customers have been lately purchasing. It works towards building trust, creating urgency and hiking up your conversions. It enables you to strengthen the factors which will discourage your visitors to leave their carts.

Thus, you will notice that the count of people who convert is on the rise. Users can select the design they want for the notification popups that goes with their own store’s thematic design. The app comes with a set of features that make it more valuable than others. For instance, the frequency of the ‘customer bought product’ popup reduces with time.

This prevents the announcements from becoming bothersome. Users can also postpone the time when the popup appears. These notifications work really well for mobile users too, making sure that you don’t miss the chance to sell to customers who are using their mobiles.

Points Of Strength:

  • Will demonstrate recent purchases to new visitors.
  • Pop-up notification frequency decreases over time.
  • Fully responsive, and includes potential customers using mobile as well.
  • Availability of design adjustment corresponding to your brand’s website for increased consistency.

Urgency, Social Proof & Timers

Apart from the addition of notifications about the recent purchase of products, the app also has features that create urgency and improve order values with customers.

It features a free shopping bar based on the minimum amount to be spent that gives information about how much customers need to add to their shopping cart to be able to avail of shipping without delivery charges. There is also a countdown timer that keeps a track of how long the promotions are running.

Further urgency can be ensured by the addition of low stock warningsand the count of people currently viewing the products or the number of customers who have recently bought them. This will definitely increase the chances of converting visitors into buyers. These can be added to the product details and collection pages.

When the number of customers who get to know that the popular items are running out fast through this warning gets maximized, the end result is increased conversion.

The app will provide you amazing social proof. It is equipped with a feed that exhibits what other customers interested in the same product have done. You can get your work done without the hassle of popups that often slow down your site and affect the customer’s experience on your website. Users can further improve the impact this app has on their websites by split testing the app against not having the app.

Points Of Strength:

  • Customizable notifications that enable users to showcase their company in the best possible light and improve conversion rates.
  • Mobile friendly, so you won’t miss out on customers looking for products on their mobiles or tablets.
  • Demonstrate recent product sales to create urgency and peer pressure to boost up sales.
  • Various other features for the rise in urgency on the website that ultimately leads to the increment of converted customers.

ProveSource Social Proof

It offers a range of services that aid you in gaining the trust of your audience and converting them. ProveSource Social Proof provides both free and premium versions for its users.

The free version gives you the facility of showcasing recently bought products up to 1,000 visitors per month. If you want this feature for a higher number of visitors, you’ll need to avail of one of the paid premium plans.

You’ll receive your notifications in the form of popups. It does not stop at displaying the products that have been bought lately, the app also reveals the number of people who have checked a particular product. Additionally, it shows the number of times an item has been purchased recently. This develops a sense of urgency among the audience and they become more inclined towards buying a product and your sales are on the rise.

The notifications can be customized for the view, timing, and placement. You’ll get mobile-optimized designs, that’ll help you reach out to mobile using shoppers and it’s needless to say that this number is quite high. In case you’re running a global store, this will be applicable to multiple countries. The app provides as many as 22 languages for your notifications.

Points Of Strength:

  • Notifications can be customized according to your preference.
  •  The number of buyers, who made the purchase or how many people have viewed a specific item gets displayed.
  • Visitors are only shown real data collected from your site.
  • A free plan is available, but the premium packages have more services to offer.

Social Proof Popup+Urgency+Bar

Using this app, you can make people trust your brand name and enhance the urgency of buying. It fulfils these targets by adopting two strategies.

Firstly, your audience forms an idea about the state of sales from the recent activity on your website. There are popup notifications for both activity and recent sales.

Secondly, it makes use of a low stock or trending stock popup for additional urgency. This is quite beneficial as people usually opt for popular products. By showcasing product popularity, you can make people interested in buying them, most people will not want to let go of an opportunity to get hold of a product in high demand.

The app has scope for the addition of cart timers, promo bars, and other promotional attributes to your site to increase the conversion count.

Points Of Strength:

  • Displays the number of people who have recently purchased a product.
  • Exhibits how many viewers a particular product has had.
  • Uses promotional bars/notices that hike-up revenue and decrease cart abandonment.
  • It can ensure the customer’s trust by applying several tactics.

Bizzy Social Proof

This is a great app for social proof, it enables the user’s website to demonstrate how many visitors have taken a look at the products and are opting to buy them.

New visitors get information about recent product sales at your store, and this leads the masses to believe that your brand is trustworthy. By increasing the urgency, it converts visitors to consumers.

Users get access to elegant and subtle popup notifications, that do not intrude on the purchase process. The time frame for recently placed orders can be set at an adjustable range that is 30 minutes, 12 hours or even longer. The app comes with a feature to retarget individuals who are interested in certain items by showing them the buyers of those products.

Points Of Strength:

  • It can be easily customized according to the needs of your website.
  • Shows visitors the purchase history of the item they are viewing.
  • Data collection from orders placed as early as 30 minutes ago to those exceeding the 12 hours mark.
  • Popup notifications are subtle, the shopping experience doesn’t get hindered.

Social Proof Signals

This one provides you quality social proof services by displaying recent consumers and customers who have added products to their carts.

This increases the number of people willing to act similarly so that they don’t miss out on high demand products. It also demonstrates recent customer count for a product and the numbers that have viewed or are currently viewing the product on the site. It increases purchase urgency through low stock warnings.

It comes with an email signup element that adds to the growth of your email marketing list which is an effective way of improving your website’s long-term revenue.

It also provides an announcement service. This can be utilized for offers like free shipping, or a limited period deal. By making crucial announcements in this way, you can set yourself apart from your competitors. The app lets you add a discount timer with information about how long the sale will last to make customers aware of attractive discounts.

Points Of Strength:

  • Facilities of four apps compiled in one to increase conversions over the short and long terms.
  • Promotion of current offers.
  • Elongate your email marketing list.
  • Inclusion of urgency into your sales tactics.

Sales Pop ‑ Popup Notification

It lets users show details of customer purchases from their online store. It is capable of collecting information from more than two years back to recreate a sense of a vibrant website, with an active customer community.

This app provides customization options that let users determine the pages that will show recent sale updates and the products for which this will be available.

It comes with some great templates that let users customize the appearance of the notifications as they want to. You don’t need to write a single line of code to get this app working.

Points Of Strength:

  • A free app to help to increase your sales.
  • Scope for collection of data from more than two years ago.
  •  Social proof services.
  • No coding required.

Nudgify ‑ Social Proof & More

There are several reasons for opting for this Shopify social proof app. To begin with, it provides users with four types of notifications (termed as nudges on the app).

There is the popularity nudge, that informs visitors about the sales and views for a commodity. You’ll find an order soon nudge, where the audience can be told to place orders soon. Users also get a low stock nudge for items that are in limited stock. Nudges can also be customized like nudges for special offers, price guarantees, and others.

This app comes with a drag and drop workspace that makes designing and activating your nudges super easy. You can accomplish the tasks with just a few steps. Moreover, having unlimited nudges on your website helps you reach your customers better.

Points Of Strength:

  • Four variants of notifications for better customer reachability.
  • Drag and drop configuration tool for easier creation and implementation of notifications.
  • Notifications can be fully customized from the selection of color to
    the display position. Even the app’s brand title can be removed.
  • Multiple notifications as per requirement.

Sales Pop & Better Coupon Box

This app works effectively towards converting visitors. Its services are two-fold: social proof and gamification. The first one reveals the number of customers who purchased or checked a product within the last few days or hours. Then come the gamified exit feature and email popups which increase conversions and increase order values.

Points Of Strength:

  • Several notifications that create a social buzz on your website.
  • Email popup notification.
  • Display the number of buyers along with the views for an item for your audience.
  • Ease-of-use

Cozy Social Proof

This app will increase your sale rates even if you’re the owner of a small store or a newly established store that is suffering from limited sales.

It will notify customers about the products they might be interested in purchasing. It is also very helpful for stores that are currently adding products regularly by converting potential customers into buyers. It will meet the specific needs of your company with its customizable features.

Points Of Strength:

  • Attracts customers to products.
  • Social buzz creation for high-demand products.
  • Easily customizable and builds an active group of customers.
  • Allows the development of strong sales techniques with limited expenses.

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