Best Shopify Apps to Boost Conversions, Sales & More

Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform that lets you create and easily launch an online store. Now it has a lot of tools and applications that will help you reach your business goals.

Most of these apps can be found in the Shopify App Store, which has more than 4000 apps created by both Shopify and third-party companies. There are still a lot more apps that are being formed and expanded by passionate app developers like us, Avada.

These free and paid apps are effective to improve your store’s marketing, inventory management, delivery, SEO, dropshipping, secure checkout, speed optimization, and more.

A vast ecosystem ensures that Shopify stores of all sizes and industries can find what they need. With so many choices in place, it can be daunting to find out what’s best for your company.

Luckily, I’ve put together a list of 12 must-have Shopify applications to support.

I listed the above as marketing , customer rewards, inventory support and SEO sales boosters. These are all very much-needed components of an online store. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started

Oberlo-Aliexpress drop-shipping

Oberlo is a highly efficient dropship application from AliExpress – one of the largest markets in China – if you are doing dropshipping and have a hard time finding what to sell. Oberlo is developed by Shopify, so it fully integrates into your shop.

It can help you import products from the site of the supplier and start selling immediately. It also keeps your inventory and prices up-to-date, so you don’t have to worry about an unforeseen price change.

With a network of Chinese suppliers, you can distribute your products directly from the supplier’s warehouses to the customers. This is great as you can find items with extreme discounts and avoid storage costs. Trade-off is that your products have a long shipping time since they are shipped from Asia.

Proofo- Social proof and Sales pop

Social proof is one of the most influential factors behind a buyer’s choice. To enhance your brand’s trust and encourage customers to make a purchase, showcasing dynamic customer interactions is one easy way to go.

That’s why we created Proofo-a sales popup that allows visitors to receive updates of real-time activities made by other customers.

Various types of notifications can be used to build trust, motivate purchases, and justify that your business is a busy store with frequent orders. There is a Purchase Notice, Add-to-Cart Notice, Registration Notice, Real-Time Notice, Review Notice, and Custom Notice that you can customize, schedule, and aim different customer segments.

The great thing about this app is that it’s absolutely free to get it! Proofo is a simple but powerful app that can support stores of all sizes, particularly new ones with low traffic.

PDF Invoice-Easy billing documents

As one of the most customizable PDF invoice applications for Shopify, Avada PDF Invoice is a handy tool to help you create attractive billing documents, invoice templates and packing slips. This will make your company look more professional and allow shoppers to print their own billing documents for any reason.

Paperwork is often a time-consuming task for managers, so Avada PDF Invoice can reduce the workload and make the business work more effectively with less failures. You can submit and build documents instantly with four ready-to-use templates. Customers will also feel comfortable and relaxed due to the bright and good-looking billing.

Size Chart-Size chart popup

If you’re selling fashion items-which many starters prefer as a promising business option-then you know how many consumers need a specific size chart when they shop online. If they can buy a shirt that suits them perfectly, you won’t have any problems with return issues as well. That’s why we built the Avada Size Chart for Shopify.

Using the app, store managers can immediately add size charts to stores with six different shoes presets, top and bottom. These are the typical sizes of the most common goods. But you can change the title, icon, background color, overlay color, text color, border radius, and more if you want to customize it.

Another helpful function of the Avada Size Chart is that, to show the items you have, you can upload some videos or photos of your own.

Free Shipping Bar-Announcement bar

For eCommerce stores nowadays, free shipping is almost always necessary, but do you know it can also boost sales effectively? With AvaShip-Free Shipping Bar, to save shipping expenses, you can remind clients that they can extend their shopping carts. The app message can adjust accordingly, depending on the total value of a visitor’s cart. Through this, you also decrease cart abandonment, since consumers know the shipping fee beforehand.

You can select different presets to apply instantly. The template and content can also be easily customized; you can write any message that you want, such as a seasonal greeting with cute emoji’s. To optimize the effectiveness of the Avada Free Shipping Bar, it is a good idea to limit the display of the shipping bars to certain websites, locations, and countries.

If you like, though integrated with Google Analytics Reports, the app may have links and buttons to other sites to give you insights into the visit.

Spocket-US / EU Dropshipping

Spocket is a dropshipping site that houses suppliers from the US, EU, and worldwide for dropshipping. With a variety of goods offering quick delivery and exclusive goods, in the age of Amazon and high consumer expectations, they help you remain competitive. In order to mitigate the possibility of cancelled orders or missed deliveries, all their suppliers are pre-vetted and secure.

A generous discount of 30-60% has been added by the dropshipping providers on Spocket to their products so that you can achieve a competitive edge in your niche and maximize your profit.

Spocket allows you to “Sample Orders” and add Branded Invoicing so that you can use the items you want to sell in advance and create your brand using your own brand logo on invoices.

Spocket also has 24/7 customer service that offers you peace of mind and service anytime you need it, night or day.

Yotpo-Customer reviews

Yotpo is a unique cloud app that helps you build your social and online reputation. As mentioned above, social proof is one of the most effective ways to convince your audience that many people love your products.

Yotpo allows you to show that by providing access to customer reviews and ratings.You can collect product reviews, photo reviews, site ratings, and more using Yotpo widgets or emails on-site.

Showing good reviews on your website can help to increase traffic and sales immediately as it shows the satisfaction of other customers. You can set up Yotpo with a single click and instantly import all your existing reviews from different sites.

Printful-Print on-demand app

A leading application in the print-on-demand industry, Printful is an easy-to-use pass to open and run your own clothing company. The advantage of printing on demand is that you don’t have to start from scratch, you can use the app to instantly create custom clothing and ship it to your customers from the manufacturing unit.

You can easily do dropshipping with print on demand products with Printful, as well as get access to a fulfilment warehouse and your own warehouse for order creation. As a well-known Shopify app used by about three thousand Shopify merchants, Printful works seamlessly with your Shopify store.

You can even use Printful technology if you’re selling through online markets like Etsy, eBay, or Amazon.

Auto Currency Switcher-Currency converter

If you are selling worldwide, you should make it as easy as possible for customers to make a purchase decision when browsing your products. Auto Currency Switcher will automatically display your visitor’s location currency, depends entirely on their location right next to your store’s items. Customers can also switch between currencies to their own convenience. The design can be customized, which is a bonus..

Digital Downloads-Sell digital products

If you’re selling online, there’s a strong probability that your products are online as well. Though if you’re selling digital products, you can install the Digital Downloads app to attach digital files to your product and start tracking sales or downloads.

Like the Apple store , customers can instantly receive and use digital products when they purchase them. Customers will also receive automatic updates if you upgrade the products. The app is provided by Shopify so that it can easily be integrated with your store.

Google Shopping-Selling to Google

The owner of eCommerce will need many channels to promote their products, and Google Shopping is an effective one to generate more sales. This Google Shopping app links your store to your Google Merchant Center account and displays your products on the Google Shopping page.

It will also keep everything fully updated with prices and stock levels on both sides automatically.

The app is trusted by over 2,000 merchants and has over 1,500 5-star reviews.

Omnisend-Email marketing app

Another email marketing tool, Omnisend, is a versatile tool for those who want to optimize their email capacity. Offering omnichannel automation, Omnisend will help you generate relevant emails for your customers. It helps you to connect a range of channels to an integrated workflow so that you can meet consumers on a variety of channels with customized messages.

You also have email templates, list building tools, retargeting ads, targeting categories, and more. Over 3,000 five-star scores on the Shopify app store make it a top-rated email marketing app for all Shopify traders.

Shopify is one of the strongest eCommerce platforms to start selling online, and its apps are one of the major reason for their effectiveness. So, if you want to set up a business, the above apps can help you to improve not only the functionality of the store, but also the customer’s experience. From boosting revenue to streamlining the sales process, making profits is easier than ever before.

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