Best Free Photo Editors Online to Use in 2021

The world is now online. e-Commerce is one of the fastest growing markets and even having a significant online presence is a crucial part of every individual’s life. Online influencers have their means of earning online and their online profiles affect the lives of many others.

In the commercial space, effective photography is very integral, as this platform finds itself at a disadvantage of sorts as the customers are not able to physically touch or get a feel of the product. Therefore, the quality of the picture of the product is essential in motivating the customers to purchase a product.

The picture is the only thing which makes the product come to life for the consumers. Getting the correct shot is very important and then the final edits is what makes the actual difference. It is not always possible to have an ideal setting and landscape for the desired outcome, and untoward factors like inclement weather in inadequate lighting can really affect the final photograph.

Therefore, online photo editing is something that most people and organizations resort to. Most premium editing software is expensive, however, there are free alternatives available online which produce equally good, if not better, quality photographs after editing. Here is a list of the best free online photo editing applications.

Best Free Photo Editors Online


GNU Image Manipulation Program, GIMP is one of the best online photo editors that are available online. It is an open source image editor, which allows the user to add and modify filters according to their demands if they are aware of how to write digital codes. GIMP is a multi-platform image editor, which is available for GNU/Linux, IOS, Windows and other operating systems.

This editor has a sophisticated set of tools which yields the best results for a wide range of projects, whether it has to do with science, graphic designing, photo illustration or any other field. GIMP also has provisions for third-party plug-ins which enhance the productivity of the user.

Anything that is possible on Photoshop is also possible here. Tools necessary for the manipulation of high quality photographs are present here. Right from the keys for retouching, restoring or creating composites, this app has the ability to tackle all.

Artists have the power and flexibility to modify and transform images into completely new creations. Producing icons, graphical design elements and art for user interface components are all possible on this medium. Multiple computer languages such a C, C++, Perl, Python and others are all supported on this platform.


This user friendly interface provides simplicity of understanding among the users is something that has been attracting various users to this platform. The website has very smooth operations which does not compromise on the general functioning of the electronic device. This website does not create any pressure on the effective functioning of the device.

The Smart filters and effects, along with an attractive photo collage tool helps produce the best final results. The editor can also handle RAW files without any problems. Fotor also allows designing on the medium for business cards, invitations, social media, posters, fliers, etc; which is something of optimum use for people who maintain blogs and people who are in the field of digital marketing.

Fotor has a Dynamic Range tool which allows the user to combine three separate photographs with different exposures into a single image. The final single image will have the best light and tone from each of the three previously selected pictures. So this medium can actually take what is best from three different options and combine it into one with the best from each.

This editor is a very suitable one for people who edit photos as a hobby, individuals who are social media influencers and people who are digital marketers.


This platform is very convenient for making quick changes without much hassle. The only tedious part about this platform is that the user is required to sign up before they can enjoy the benefits of this portal.

Some of the features of this portal include a sponge tool, gradients, red eye correction and more. A sponge tool is a very useful tool which is often overlooked. It allows the editor to saturate or desaturate a particular portion in the image, allowing for more creative possibilities.

One of the best features about Pixlr is that it is very easy to use. It has simple one-click functions and tutorials to guide the users through the relatively difficult ones, which can be easily mastered once the user gets the hang of things.  An added benefit of this app is that the images edited on this platform are extremely secure.

The images that are edited on this application are set to private mode, where the interactions between the user and the portal are completely restricted to just the user. Pixlr also does not save a copy of the image being edited for others to plagiarize or imitate.

This editor is ideal for people who are constantly on the go and need a quick fix for their pictures. This simple and convenient app is also very suitable for beginners who want to try editing out initially.


This application is very impressive with multiple tools and photo editing filters which make it very convenient to manage one’s personal photograph archive. It contains an image viewer, a screen capture tool, supports batch processing and a wide range of filters and effects which really enhance the quality of the photograph. Other editing features include collage options, a colour picker, the ability to work with RAW images, including the ability to create GIFs.

The app is built in such a way that even first time users will be able to create professional level shots only in a matter of minutes.  Photoscape can also make an image resemble analog shots. It has a handy cut out feature which lets the user remove the background on an image for making further edits.

This portal has a large transformation capability which gives the user access to more than 240 figures, borders, frames and more than 1000 patterns to choose from while experimenting with their creative ideas.

This portal is a very compact and easy to use platform which allows a user to experiment fully with their creativity to create attractive and new photographs. They have various features and patterns to choose from while creating their digital masterpiece.


The users will find themselves spoilt for choices on this photo editing software. Being available for both IOS and android users, this attractive app presents its users with multiple avenues to explore on their editing journey. Cropping and resizing are the most basic features that are available on the portal for photo editing.

The app allows the user to manipulate the exposure, brightness and tint, change the warmth, shadows, highlights, sharpness, contrast, etc.

The application acknowledges that all users do not have the time to get into the smallest details of editing and so it provides the user with professional level, real photograph inspired filters to reduce their work time. These filters are highly professional and really reduce the amount of time and effort put in to edit the photograph.

The app boasts of having something to suit the preferences of each and every person, and with the variety of options they provide, they might just have something to suit everyone’s aesthetic.

The app also has other features such as unique borders, robust beauty tools, a text editor and a means to create collages. Instasize is designed in such a way that a person with a basic knowledge of editing has the world at their fingertips when it comes to editing pictures. With so many features and tools at the user’s disposal, there is not much more one can ask for from an editing software.


As the name suggests, this platform provides a fun and fresh way of editing pictures online. Befunky is an intuitive, convenient, and a performance motivated application that is available for online editing. From the ability to boost the image quality, to creating a simple collage, this application is able to perform any and every task.

This application is very suitable for creating beautiful postcards, posters, slides for presentations, brochures and invitations with just a few easy steps.  The app has many unique artistic filters which can make a photo look like a painting, sketch, comic, etc. The batch edit option is very convenient as it lets the user edit multiple photos at the same time.

The app also has over 1000 stock images and templates which can be easily customizable to create desired results, eliminating the tedious task of physically clicking a picture first. This app is a very efficient and creative application which is suited for people who are more interested in blogging or others who are interested in creating social media assets.


Most users gravitate towards this platform because of its simple interface and ease of operations. It is a very straightforward portal, and the UI is very easy, designed in such a way that even a child can meander effectively through the website.

This app provides a clutter free workspace, providing an advanced collage maker that is different from all the other apps on the internet. The plethora of in-built templates provides the users with a ready canvas to explore their creativity. The user can place a watermark, create a logo or business card, and access all of these simply by keeping them in a brand kit on the website.

The vector based graphics, which will look attractive no matter how small the size may be, will heighten the quality and look of any image. The fonts on this website are also varied, presenting the user with a wide range of styles, sizes, colours and types. This website is most suited for web designers and bloggers. They will find a solution to any of their photo editing issues and queries on the PicMonkey website.

Google Photos

Google Photos is a very simple and intuitive photo editing software which allows fast editing of photographs. A very convenient aspect about this portal is that all the pictures on the device are located in one consolidated place, which makes accessing all images super easy. Organization of the photos is very neat and orderly which makes the work space clutter free.

Users can make animations, apply filters, have holiday themed effects, create interactive stories and experiment with borders and frames. This is a very simple editing software which has the basic tools such as red-eye reduction, cropping, scaling, etc., however, this app is not engineered to make high scale edits or changes.

But one of the major advantages of this medium is that just logging in with Google is all that is required to gain access to this photo editing software. This website replaces Picasa and is able to make quick edits for people, suitable for their social media handles and blogging pages.

These are some of the free photo editing softwares I found are good.

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